3 types of ad copy that work on Rokt

Advertising is most effective when brands craft messages that drive action. Consumers want to know which brands they engaging with and understand what the brand is offering.

While this sounds simple, developing ad copy that achieves all of these things requires a laser-like focus. To craft effective ad copy on Rokt, we’ve outlined these helpful tips to ensure that you’re achieving your marketing goals.

1. Showcase Your Brand: Your ad will help consumers understand your brand and what it stands for. Make it clear to consumers who you are and why they should engage with your brand.

2. Be Concise and Clear: To engage customers, it’s crucial to clearly communicate your offer, product, or service in your ad copy. It’s best to keep copy short and quickly inform consumers what they will receive (e.g., $10 off of their first purchase or a 25% off discount). It’s important to note that Rokt has a limit of 140 characters for ad copy.

3. Drive Action: Be persuasive and drive consumers to your desired action. Don’t leave your customers hanging. Ensure that your ad copy informs consumers what happens when they engage with your ad. Will users receive an email newsletter, a phone call, or will they be directed to a website? Be transparent with consumers and tell them what you want them to do. This will lead to better outcomes for you (i.e., engaged users) and customers (i.e, they want to connect).

Finally, it’s important to avoid using excessive punctuation, symbols, and characters, as well as capitalization to emphasize key words in your ads. And remember to proofread and spell check your copy—you don’t want consumers’ to have a poor first experience with your brand!

Click here for guidelines on writing great ad copy.