4 steps to success on Rokt

At Rokt, we want to ensure the best outcomes for our clients’ campaigns. To help you out, we sat down with some of Rokt’s Strategic Account Managers and asked them how they deliver such great results for their clients.

Here are some of the tips that they shared.

1. Take a No-Assumptions Approach: While you may have a specific target audience in mind, it’s best to broaden your focus. The beauty of Rokt is that we understand success at the micro level. Our system will enable you to optimize your campaign once you understand which audience group converts best. You can target and bid more for consumers that are converting, but you should include other segments to grow your potential audience. Once you have data to analyze, try to bid strategically. For example, you may bid more for audience segments that show a higher propensity to convert.

2. Lead with a Strong Offer and Test, Test, Test!

This is an essential step. We find that consumers that have come off the back end of a transaction are looking for a deal or offer that is tied to that purchase. In that case, creative that converts best is typically one that has a high incentive and is linked to the purchase. See example below:

Your ticket purchase has unlocked a special offer from Company XYZ. Claim $50 off your first purchase when you sign up to the newsletter today.

It’s best to try multiple versions of the copy and use the data to see which resonates well with different audience groups. Try one version with your brand name first, and then one with an offer first. Alternatively, compare dollars off vs. a percentage off incentive.

At Rokt, we want to ensure the best outcomes for our clients’ campaigns.

3. Consider the End-to-End User Journey

Now that you’ve nailed down the copy, it’s crucial to ensure that your landing page or nurture email campaign continues to re-iterate the specific offer the user initially engaged with. Make sure the call-to-action is clear on the landing page and explore whether additional steps are necessary. For example, will customers be required to enter their email address again or can their email be autofilled? Think through the entire user journey—from offer take-up through to purchase—and find where you can remove friction to create a seamless experience for consumers.

4. Nurture to Success

To be successful, it’s critical to continue to nurture customers through to purchase. Confirmation emails, for example, are a good way to tie you, as the advertiser, back to the partner site in which the consumer opted-in from. This helps communicate a sense of trust and reminds consumers of the recent action that they took. In addition, nurture emails can be useful to keep consumer interest piqued.

Research on our system has shown that nurture campaigns increase conversions by up to 40%. If you aren’t already using nurture campaigns, you may be missing out on a huge opportunity. Rokt offers a nurture program that you can implement, or you can manage one through your own email marketing platform.

When running any campaign with Rokt, it’s important to take an open approach and always keep an eye toward testing. Consider the user experience and be mindful on how you can improve it. Remember to keep nurture top of mind. By following these helpful steps, you’ll go far with your initiatives at Rokt!