Achieving greater value with Rokt’s payback curve

At Rokt, we understand the need for immediate sales and a quicker returns on your marketing spend. After all, it helps you generate the necessary revenue to re-invest into your business and drive growth. Yet focusing on channels that only help you achieve immediate sales may mean you are neglecting another crucial element in your marketing mix—Lifetime Value (LTV).

While much has been discussed about LTV, there’s no doubt of its importance. Research shows that it is up to seven times more expensive to acquire new customers vs. retaining and growing your existing customer base.

We firmly believe that your first impression must be your best. That’s why we focus on facilitating that first meaningful connection with your future customers. Rokt provides the consent and data that enable you to continue the conversation. Why? When consumers invite you into their lives, they are opening the door to a two-way relationship. That’s key from a marketing perspective. With consent, you can increase your response rates and your campaign ROI by connecting with consumers that are more likely to take action.  

By establishing meaningful connections with your customers, you can deepen their engagement with your brand, and persuade those same customers to become repeat purchasers, increasing customer LTV. This may not lower your Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) number, it will increase your ROI. And ultimately, that is what you really care about—generating more bang for your buck!

Conversion rates are worth the wait

While you may not see as quick a return on your ROI with Rokt compared to other channels—such as search and social—Rokt still plays a key role in your marketing mix.

Rokt understands that ultimately what you care most about are conversions. Our customers have found that Rokt’s consent-based approach delivers greater value and a larger payback over time. How do we do it? We provide you with users who are purchasing from leading e-commerce sites, and we give you their data so that you can reach out and nurture that relationship. Research shows that over 70 percent of consumers prefer to receive permission-based marketing content through email. Personalized email content improves conversions by 10 percent.

What’s more, Rokt helps nurture customers and entice them to become repeat purchasers, further immersing them into your brand.

As you can see in the graph, there is so much more additional value to be realized through focusing on customers who you have established a relationship with through consent. So, if you want to accelerate your marketing efforts, or you’re looking to capture more longer-term customers, Rokt offers an additional channel that can help you achieve your goals!