Finding Your Ecommerce Value with Rokt

Realizing the true value of any marketing initiative is critical for brands. Because of this, Rokt is committed to transparency and delivering amazing results.

What makes Rokt unique is that consumers are most engaged when we introduce them to your brand. Rokt presents your offer to consumers when they are ready to buy and when they are invested. By combining highly engaged consumers with relevant and timely offers, customers acquired through Rokt have proven to be around 2X more valuable compared to other marketing channels.

Because Rokt is a transaction marketing platform, we introduce consumers to brands at the top of the funnel. As a result, new potential customers are likely exposed to your brand for the first time. What value does Rokt provide? We use ecommerce best practices to ensure the types of customers that will be interacting with your brand will be more qualified than what you would typically encounter from traditional banner/display advertising.

While the payback window varies by client, offer, and the type of campaign that runs through the Rokt network, the key is to create synergy with your marketing mix and nurture these customers to conversion over time. Advertisers who have had the best success with Rokt understand that our solutions are a complementary piece to their overall marketing mix. Because Rokt enhances email marketing campaigns, as well as retargeting efforts (i.e., search, social, and display), you can enhance your brand interactions with consumers and optimize conversions over time.

“By combining highly engaged consumers with relevant and timely offers, customers acquired through Rokt are 2X more valuable compared to other marketing channels.”

For a campaign to be truly successful, you must be able to derive insights from the data to make strategic optimizations in real time. Digital marketing trends show that last-click and voucher code redemption attribution models don’t tell the entire story. That’s why we’ve built our own technology to provide real-time conversion metrics and increase your ecommerce value at a micro-level through the Rokt recognizer tag.

Instead of “cookie-ing” consumers, Rokt uses email to identify customers at the top and bottom of the funnel. By tracking the conversion to an email address, attributions aren’t lost across multiple devices and browsers, offering up to 90% accuracy versus 30% of industry averages.

By implementing the Rokt tag, you can more accurately track consumers to their purchase behavior. This enables Rokt to close the loop and give you insight into one of the most valuable question—“What part of the marketing spend is actually driving the end outcome?”

With Rokt, there’s no question about where your leads come from. We provide full transparency to our partner list so you don’t have to be concerned about where your offer will appear. As soon as customers say yes, we transfer their contact information directly to you. This model creates a more engaged audience for your brand.

Want to track your conversions? Get the Rokt Tag