Add Sales Events Into Consumer Mobile Calendars

Don’t rely on email marketing alone to communicate with Consumers, remind them in real-time with dynamic calendar events

Consumers are always on the hunt for promotions and deals that will ramp up their shopping. Busy shopping periods are the ideal time for multi-channel retailers to let customers know about what deals they have to offer, and Rokt Calendar’s technology is a powerful way to communicate with customers, directly through their mobile calendar.

Traditionally, retailers have relied heavily on email marketing to inform consumers about their latest sales and promotions. Consumers are used to being bombarded with numerous emails every day, which usually go straight to their “Spam” or “Promotions” folder without ever being opened. Most consumers are numb to email marketing and industry statistics show that open rates are generally no more than 2- 3%, rendering the large majority of these emails ineffective.

This is why retailers need to start thinking outside of the box and communicate with consumers through new and innovative marketing channels. What better way to inform consumers of a deal than by sending them a real-time calendar reminder, with all of the details and links to purchase right in the event.

 Easy, effective, convenient. It doesn’t get better than that.

Rokt Calendar provides the right solution

Here are some of the major advantages of using promotional calendars:

  • Create a dynamic connection to your audience through calendars
  • Remotely add and publish events via the Rokt Calendar dashboard
  • Remind fans in real-time of upcoming deals and specials
  • Deep link directly to an in-app experience, exclusive content, store location, coupon codes etc.
  • Lightweight user experience in uncluttered environment
  • Messaging opportunities are endless
  • Analytics and data on every subscriber

How to use promotional calendars

Promotional calendars can be used to remind consumers of habitual sales or one-time and “limited time only” sales. For example, Baskin Robbins had an ongoing promotion which was $1.31 for every scoop on the 31st of every other month. Baskin Robbins offered their consumers the ability to add the events to their calendar, so they get a reminder on the morning of the 31st to take advantage of the deal. The Event Notes included a link to the store locator so consumers can open the event to find their nearest location.

Baskin Robbins promoted the calendar by placing a “Mark your Calendar” button on their website and by posting consistently on their Twitter and Facebook pages, encouraging fans to add the promotion to their calendar. See some examples below:

The Baskin Robbins calendar was incredibly popular and, every month, thousands of consumers added the deal to their calendar. Consumers also frequently shared the deal with their friends and family by posting it on their social media profiles.

It’s clear that consumers love calendar reminders and want to add promotional events to their calendar.  So why not capitalize on this innovative marketing channel and offer this tool to your consumers? They will thank you for it.