Backstage pass with Mark Mansour, eBay Australia

eBay has a long history of being a consumer-to-consumer auction house. Over its 12-year tenure in Australia, it has evolved into the country’s number one retail platform, with an estimated 12M unique visits every month. This month, Mark Mansour, Commercial Director for APAC, sat down with Rokt to discuss how their consumer-first mentality has shaped the retail experience they provide for digital consumers.

Q: Tell us about eBay Australia.

A: eBay is the number one retail platform in Australia with one in two Australians visiting the site every month. We historically were known as a C to C or consumer to consumer auction house but now we have 40,000 businesses, some of the most iconic Australian retailers, trade successfully on the eBay platform. eBay is really focused on creating seamless consumer journeys, taking away all the barriers and friction and making it as easy as possible for our consumers to find products from really great retailers and making it a really great retail experience.

Q: What marketing trend are you most excited about?

A: eBay is an organization that’s uniquely positioned. We have a lot of data and we use that data to create better retail experiences. And so one of the biggest things for us to focus on in 2019, or e-commerce or retail in general, is how do you use that data to create better experiences for your consumers with greater relevance and context.

Q: How does Rokt help eBay Australia?

A: Marketing technology is hard, and we work with Rokt because I believe Rokt is trying to solve some of the toughest problems in marketing. Rokt is at the forefront of innovation which invigorates us at eBay. Rokt is constantly coming up with great ideas, new innovations while pushing the boundaries in terms of how you can help organizations, like eBay, achieve our marketing objectives at scale.

Q: If you could be in any band, what would it be?

A: I would say the band that I’d like to be in would be AC/DC, the quintessential Australian rock band with big rock anthems, electric guitar and massive drum kits. We consider some of their biggest hits eBay Australia’s theme songs.