Backstage pass with Chrissy Capalbo, HelloFresh

Our ‘Backstage’ series aims to uncover what some of the largest e-commerce companies have been up to and where they intend on going. This month, Chrissy Capalbo sat down with Rokt to say ‘hello’ and talk about the company’s fresh ideas.

HelloFresh is a meal-kit company with roots in Germany and a presence in a number of major global markets. A food supply chain disrupter, HelloFresh has helped to change the way consumers shop, prepare and consume their meals. Rokt has partnered with HelloFresh for the past four years, supporting their growth across the U.S., Canada, Australia, the U.K., and Germany.

Q: Describe your role at HelloFresh?

A: I manage SEM, Affiliate Partnerships & SEO across HelloFresh, Green Chef & EveryPlate brands. My focus is driving growth and efficiency of these channels.

Q: What project currently excites you the most?

A: Working on segmentation of audiences between our three brands is one of the most exciting projects that we’re working on. Determining which brand is the best fit for different audiences and becoming smarter in our targeting is going to help improve our marketing, as well as improve customer satisfaction.

Q: What’s next for your team?

A: In 2019, we are planning on maintaining our market leadership throughout the meal-kit industry and increasing overall market share through strong growth in customer acquisition. We plan to continue developing our multi-brand approach within the vertical and continue innovating our products so we have the perfect meal kit for every customer.

Q: What do you like most about working with Rokt ?

A: I love the hands on account management that we receive from Rokt. It truly feels like an extension of HelloFresh in terms of the partnership and teamwork.

Q: Which musician would definitely be on your playlist & why?

A: I admittedly have very bad taste in music, so I would have to pick Billy Joel. He’s one of the few musicians that I love and is not embarrassing to admit to!