CB Insights lists Rokt as a leading retail enablement tech unicorn

By Rokt

Over 70 companies specializing in consumer entertainment and retail enablement reached $1B+ valuations and achieved unicorn status in 2021 alone. The increase in demand for better ecommerce experiences across a multitude of new shopping categories like food, personalized health and wellness has led to businesses rapidly implementing solutions that allow them to connect with customers in new ways while keeping up with the rising demand.

After analyzing the use cases of retail and consumer companies that reached unicorn status in 2021, CB Insights reports that over one-third of the newest unicorns are online solutions that help retailers reach consumers in new digitally enabled ways such as shopper marketing, payment & checkout technologies, and ecommerce enablement. Technology companies leading the charge here provide marketing technologies that aim to drive customer purchases and engagement with personalization, cross-channel marketing automations, brand aggregation within closed-ecosystem platforms, and loyalty incentives.

Listed as a leading retail enablement technology company, Rokt specializes in ecommerce tech that increases value per transaction and drives customer engagement. Rokt’s platform enables ecommerce companies to show their customers relevant offers and messages during the transaction moment, connecting them with relevant brands and advertisers at the peak of the checkout journey.

Watch the video to learn how Rokt unlocks value during the transaction moment on leading ecommerce sites:

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