These e-commerce leaders share their successes on the confirmation page

By: Jude Blankfield, Marketing Specialist (New York)

We’ve armed you with why the confirmation page is such a valuable opportunity, and how to break down perceived barriers – but don’t just take it from us. Now you can hear directly from our Rokt champions on their real-world returns driven by optimizing the confirmation page.

“It was a no-brainer to test”

The president of an e-commerce retailer admitted that before working with Rokt, the confirmation page “was a low priority compared to product selection, payment, and shipment.” But when they realized how Rokt seamlessly integrates into the consumer’s experience, “it was a no-brainer to test and it has proven successful for us as a business. The ancillary revenue factor and the ease of the technical implementation were definitely deciding factors for us.”

“Enhanced our customer experience”

An e-commerce executive from an online beauty retailer reveals that the “biggest barriers for putting more focus on the confirmation page were limited resources, expected ROI, and the right alignment with complementary brands.” However, “Rokt was able to address all these considerations” and the “managed solution allows us to enhance our customer experience while providing an opportunity to generate incremental revenue.”

“Gives us the data we need to make the right business decisions”

And while an e-commerce executive from an online apparel retailer “knew there was an opportunity on the confirmation page, it was challenging [to put anything into practice] without the right product to do the heavy lifting for us.” For them, the greatest benefit is “once it’s up and running we can get huge benefit without having to manage it ourselves and [it] gives us the data we need to make the right business decisions.”

Rokt’s solutions not only proved to be seamless in its integration but the retailer saw a 470% increase in yearly ancillary revenue.

Clearly, the e-commerce executives that have already discovered the benefits of the confirmation page have uncovered an effective and efficient opportunity to capitalize on consumer relationships, inspire further action, and drive lifetime value. And now you can too!