Completing the consumer experience puzzle: <br> how CDPs can enhance data management systems

By: Alex Edholm, Senior Product Manager (Sydney)

As we discussed in our last post, Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) are systems that help to unify consumer data into one comprehensive identity profile. With a more complete view of consumers, marketers can create more personalized experiences – something many data management systems can fall short of given their data often remain independent of each other.

In this comparative walkthrough, we highlight the functionalities and shortcomings of all the major data management technology types and explain how CDPs can enhance them.

Overall, while all of the tools we’ve discussed are useful for solving their own piece of the customer experience puzzle, none of them can provide an end-to-end view of the customer experience alone or benefit from the data gathered by the other tools in a company’s portfolio – features which CDPs readily provide. As such, the CDP is less of a competitor with these existing tools and more of a connective layer that makes teams and tools more effective by unlocking data, insights and predictions that would otherwise have been stuck in independent siloes.

We believe that the effective use of a CDP can help brands deliver unique and refined experiences throughout the entire customer journey. If you would like to discuss Rokt’s capabilities with data management systems, please contact us!