Cut through the clutter of ecommerce: Rokt featured in Forbes

By Rokt

Rokt CEO Bruce Buchanan and Sharon Edelson from Forbes recently sat down to discuss the evolution of ecommerce and how AI and advanced technology helps ecommerce businesses increase brand engagement and unlock new revenues in the Transaction Moment while delivering a superior and individualized experience for each customer.

The article delves into Bruce’s background as CEO at Jetstar and the moment he realized how crucial it was for ecommerce businesses to make the Transaction Moment more relevant for brands and consumers. “The economic consequences of solving this problem are enormous,” he said. “We decided when we looked at ecommerce transactions, there were display ads or coupons. We didn’t want to be built around advertising problems. We decided to rethink the way advertising should work in a commerce transaction. We leveraged both contextual and transactional information, resulting in an engagement rate that is about 50 times higher and results in higher revenue for partners.”

Read the full article on Forbes.

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