Deliver Country Specific Calendar Notifications

Major sporting leagues like UFC, NASCAR and Formula One have millions of fans all over the world. Often the television rights to these sports are held by different broadcasters in each country. This can make it challenging to ensure that viewers in each location have the correct tune-in information, including what time and channel to tune-in to.

For example, fans of Formula One in the United States watch the races on NBC Sports while fans in Brazil watch on SporTV and fans in the UK watch on Sky Sports.



With so many networks broadcasting sports in different time zones, delivering reminders at the correct time, with correct channel information is no easy feat.

That’s why Rokt Calendar has a “Geo-location” feature which solves this problem by delivering viewers a set of calendar event notifications that are relevant to the country they are located in.

Using geo-location, viewers around the world can rely on Rokt Calendar to get the most accurate calendar reminders in their local time and language. That’s a powerful impact.

What is geo-location?

The geo-location feature automatically detects the location of users and configures the time, channel ID and language settings based on the country where the user is located. Rokt Calendar allows you to promote a single URL across all touch points with the correct tune-in information being dynamically served to fans based on their location.

When the viewer clicks on the URL, they will see the version of the calendar that is accurate for the country they are located in, including time, language and broadcast information.

Channel identification

If your broadcast spans multiple countries with specific television networks carrying the rights in each country, Rokt Calendar can be configured to ensure that the correct channel information appears in viewer calendars.

For example, the Formula One, which is broadcast on various different networks can use geo-location to ensure that fans receive calendar notifications with local broadcast info.

Multi-language support

When viewers sign-up to receive reminders, it is imperative that the calendar pages and reminders are in their native language.  With geo-location, calendar pages and event reminders can be displayed in the viewers local language based on the country they request the page from.

For example, if a viewer is located in Brazil,  they will see the calendar and receive their calendar reminders in Portuguese. Viewers are also able to manually change the country via a dropdown menu. Selecting a different country allows them to view the calendar in another language.