Using email to nurture your consumer relationships

By Zach Nelson-Shine

At Rokt, we want you to achieve the best results from your marketing campaigns. To gain the edge over the competition and achieve the full value of the connections our platform empowers, we encourage you to develop an effective email nurture strategy.

Being invited to start a conversation with someone new is a marketer’s dream. At Rokt, we allow consumers to invite you into their lives when they’re in a buying state of mind. So how do you follow up from the initial point of contact and make the right impression?

Nurturing prospects with email campaigns is a tried and tested way of building lasting relationships and here at Rokt, we take it to the next level.


“When executed well, nurture campaigns help to drive action for your brand and encourages a consumer along their purchasing journey”

Campaigns are triggered when a consumer opts-in to receiving communications from you, so straight away the data you’re receiving is of the highest quality, and based on transactional history. As a first step, a confirmation email can help validate the link between your brand and the partner site where the consumer originated from, helping to build trust. Further emails can also work to keep a consumer’s interest constantly piqued with relevant information, just be sure the user’s experience is always front of mind.

When executed well, nurture campaigns help to drive action for your brand and encourages a consumer along their purchasing journey, delivering faster payback on your investment. And it clearly works, more than half of our clients already utilize email nurture campaigns to enjoy up to a 40% increase in conversions.

We’ve pulled together a few examples of successful email nurture strategies that other companies are using.

Dating app Hinge sends customers a helpful “how to” as part of its email nurture strategy. The email highlights directions on how the app works and includes a strong call to action to prompt recipients to get started.

In another example, contact delivery company Hubble sends their customers a series of reminder emails after opting-in to their email newsletter. Alongside a personalized salutation, Hubble keeps it simple with a strong (yet friendly) reinforcement of their offer to get a free box of contacts to drive additional conversions.

Now we know why email nurture campaigns are so important ⎼ here is our list of tips and tricks to help you turn Rokt leads into customers:

Consider your brand and its popularity: A company that is well known by everyone needs less introduction than a company that fewer people have heard about. Consider this in your email approach.
Review the product you are selling: A pizza, for example, is an easy purchase to make. Not a lot of thought goes into buying one. Life insurance, on the other hand, needs more consideration before purchasing. The more thought that is required to go into purchasing a product, the more nurturing is required – usually meaning a higher number of emails are needed to close the deal.
Take care over timing: Make sure you send your nurture at the right time. If you are selling pizza, then you want customers to read the email when they are thinking about buying food.
Factor in the purchase funnel: Although the majority of Rokt leads come in at the top of the funnel, it is important to remember that a few may come from lower down the funnel. For example, customers might have already booked a flight and already be looking to buy travel insurance when they see a relevant ad.
Segment your customer base: Make sure that you send different emails to different customers to ensure they are relevant. For example, a customer who you know has an interest in dogs may not want to receive an email about cats.

Now that we’ve gone through the basics, be on the lookout for our additional blog posts on maximizing email nurturing campaigns.