Oui, Rokt is now live in France!

By: Julian Sneeuwjagt, Strategic Accounts Director – EMEA (London)

France is the latest addition to a growing list of global markets that also includes the US, Canada, UK, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and Japan.

With two successful markets already launched in the UK and Germany, we have ensured that our France launch hits all the right notes for your campaign. And did we mention that the opportunity is trés grande? Let us set the stage:

  1.  Great company. We have launched with two well-known partners, Ticketmaster and Groupon, both of which have a track record of generating quality referrals, at scale, in our established markets.
  2.  First dibs. Be the first to capitalize on this opportunity to gain market share and get your brand and offers in front of French consumers first.
  3.  GDPR compliant. With established businesses in the UK and Germany, we are well-versed in GDPR compliance and have experience partnering with companies working within Europe.
  4. Expansion is easy. Companies interested in extending their campaign to France will benefit from working with an account management team experienced with launching in European markets.

Our French marketplace is now open for business. Speak to your Rokt account manager about taking the journey with us!