Getting started with digital experience optimization

By Daniel Wright

In today’s competitive and dynamic market, providing customers with an optimized digital experience is a must for effective brand differentiation. Organizations that want to reap the benefits of customer experience optimization can use advanced digital marketing technologies and data analytics to offer relevant and personalized customer experiences while building powerful and long-term relationships.

The recent Forrester Tech Tide Report1 outlines how artificial intelligence and analytics are critical to a retailers’ ability to win, serve, and retain customers and mentions digital experience optimization as a top priority for businesses today, specifically mentioning Rokt as a solution. We’ve outlined exactly how impactful these solutions can be for a business, and highlighted how Rokt can help drive additional value.


What is Digital Experience Optimization

Digital experience optimization is the ongoing process of deeply understanding your customers and providing the most relevant and personalized experience for them across all digital touchpoints. This process involves collecting real-time data and insights to deliver a dynamic 1:1 experience.

To better understand what digital experience optimization is, let’s look at what it isn’t. Imagine you are a shopper transacting with your favorite retailer. You live in Hawaii and are purchasing bathing suits via their app. At checkout, you are bombarded with pop-ups and offers for winter jackets, concerts in Texas, snowblowers, and a message to download the store’s app (which you already have!). None of these messages are relevant to you, and instead of adding to your experience, they cause frustration and annoyance. While the retailer might have had extreme success serving their winter jacket advertisements to a group of relevant customers, they failed to provide you with an individual personalized experience, resulting in a missed opportunity and a sour relationship.

The ‘best’ shopping experience varies depending on the individual shopper. Businesses serve myriad audiences that are unique in their interests, needs, expectations, and preferences. Deep understanding of customers allows for tailored, highly relevant, and engaging experiences that are connected across all touchpoints, ensuring an optimized experience for all shoppers.


Why is Digital Experience Optimization Crucial?

Brick and mortar stores allow for human connection, a personal customer relationship that is built over time. Over repeat visits, businesses become familiar with customer habits and are able to make assumptions based on their repeat interactions. Online, however, customers expect their experiences to be relevant at a much faster pace.

As early as 2016, almost 90% of the top 500 companies surveyed by Forbes2, predicted that improving the customer experience would be essential for future entrepreneurial success and improved brand reputation. Today, customer experience is crucial to accelerated growth and success. According to a 2020 Forrester Report, 64% of customers expect e-commerce brands to invest in technology that makes their communications more relevant. Customers are demanding relevancy and shoppers actively seek out brands that provide personalized experiences and reward them with their loyalty.


The Rokt Solution

The Forrester Tech Tide Report outlines how artificial intelligence and analytics are critical to a retailers’ ability to win, serve, and retain customers. Sophisticated technologies like Rokt, are able to ingest more data in real-time from different inputs, including consumer behavior and provide solutions for an optimized experience to ecommerce customers.

Rokt’s advanced machine learning technology enables businesses to deliver the next best action and experience for each customer in the Transaction Moment™ when shoppers are in the buying mindset. Recognized as an innovation leader by Business Intelligence Group and for its best use of AI by Martech Breakthrough Awards, Rokt’s award-winning AI and machine learning technology enables brands to target the most qualified audiences and tailor offers to ensure they are relevant to each individual consumer – all while maintaining the UX to serve an uninterrupted customer experience.

Rokt partners with a roster of high-growth enterprise brands such as Live Nation, Groupon, Staples, Lands’ End, Fanatics, GoDaddy, Vistaprint, and HelloFresh. To learn more about how Rokt can help optimize your ecommerce site’s digital experience, request a demo or contact us at today!