Heil OG Sæl! Rokt is now live in the Nordics!

By Holly Aresty

Rokt is now live in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland! 

We have launched with well-known partners who have a track record of generating quality referrals, at scale, in our established markets. We also have many advertisers already setting up Rokt Ads campaigns to expand into the Nordic region and capture new customers. 

According to a PostNord report, consumers in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland spent SEK 112 billion online in the first half of 2019 (approximately $12.6 billion USD). Here’s how online shopping broke down per country:

  • Denmark: USD $3.1B 
  • Norway: USD $3.0B 
  • Sweden: USD $5.1B 
  • Finland: USD $1.8B 

The same research shows that an average of 62% of Nordic residents shop online at least once per month.

Unlike most of the regions in the world where giants like Amazon & eBay dominate the market, the Nordic prefer shopping from the native ecommerce platforms.

Such unique shopping trends make it simpler for retailers to sell on nordic marketplaces.

The Nordic region is the latest addition to our growing list of global markets that also includes the US, Canada, the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, The Netherlands, and Japan. Our team is well versed in extending campaigns to global markets, and are standing by to help brands launch in the Nordic region. 

Be the first to capitalize on this opportunity to gain market share and get your company and offers in front of Nordic consumers first. 

Speak to your Rokt account manager about taking the journey with us, or request a demo to get started!