Meet the team: Sarah Small, Account Director – Direct-to-Consumer

Q: Tell us about yourself.
A: I’m Sarah Small and I lead our direct-to-consumer business here at Rokt. I’ve had the amazing opportunity to work with over a hundred brands across multiple countries and regions; the UK, Asia-Pac, we’re expanding into Japan this year.

Q: What is the hype around direct-to-consumer businesses?
A: I get really excited about direct-to-consumer brands just because they’re disruptors in the space and I think I have a really personal excitement for what they do. Something that I found really interesting about the direct-to-consumer vertical is just how powerful that user journey from start to finish is in converting that customer from somebody who’s interested in a brand, to someone who is transacting and being a loyal customer of that brand.

Q: How is Rokt providing value for the direct-to-consumer vertical?
A: We’ve found there’s such a good synergy between a Rokt customer and somebody who’s going to be a really good fit for a subscription type business. That power of the Transaction Moment™ is so relevant for the kinds of brands that I work with.

Q: How is Rokt differentiating itself amongst all of the marketing tech platforms?
A: I think the key differentiator between working with Rokt and working with another acquisition driven business is it’s not just about driving acquisitions. It’s about driving lifetime value of those customers and we really work with our clients to understand the incremental uplift of the Rokt experience on those customers, understanding the LTV (lifetime value), the return on ads spend (ROAS), and using those metrics to not only drive the acquisition through our channel, but how can we provide really interesting customer insights that these clients can use across other acquisition channels or other media channels that they’re running.