New names, same best-in-class technology

By Kathleen Kranzlin

At Rokt, we are committed to providing best-in-class ecommerce technology solutions for our clients. We’ve been working on some changes and are excited to announce a refresh to our product names to bring more clarity around the value they provide to our clients in the Transaction Moment ™


What’s Changing? 

Commerce is now Rokt Ecommerce

Rokt Ecommerce increases profit for our partners by personalizing the experience for each customer in the Transaction Moment ™, from cart to confirmation page. Our technology uses award-winning machine learning to select the most relevant products, services, offers, and user experience for each individual based on contextual and customer data points such as past purchases, demographic information, device details, and  more. With one secure integration, partners can increase order value with relevant cross-sells and upsells, generate additional profit from premium advertisers, and increase customer lifetime value with loyalty campaigns. 

Acquire is now Rokt Ads

Rokt Ads is an exclusive, scalable acquisition channel built on the confirmation pages of premium ecommerce websites connecting advertisers with customers in the buying mindset. By advertising on the confirmation page, brands can reach customers when they’re most likely to engage with an advertiser’s offer. With Rokt’s advertising model, brands only pay for clicks, not impressions, allowing them to maximize impact and budget.  


Why the Change? 

We refreshed our product suite names to better highlight the value our clients gain from Rokt. These are the same world-class products our clients love and are accustomed to, just with new names.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Rokt’s products can increase your ecommerce profit, help you acquire customers at scale, or provide a personalized ecommerce experience to your customers, request a demo or contact today.