Own Your Commerce with Rokt: How Shopify businesses can unlock enterprise-level revenue streams

By Rokt

There’s a feeling of euphoria that comes with completing an online purchase: customers are engaged, excited, and paying attention. This moment of happiness, known as the Transaction Moment, is the best place for brands to create connections with customers and optimize revenue. 

Rokt CCO Elizabeth Buchanan joined Jay Myers on an episode of Own Your Commerce to share how Shopify merchants can instantly add 20-40 cents of passive revenue to every transaction and how Rokt’s plugin pairs the right offer with the right customer every time.

 “What we do is unlock revenue and connections that businesses don’t even realize they’re leaving on the table.” – Elizabeth Buchanan

The Rokt plugin allows Shopify businesses to have complete control over their customer’s experience in the Transaction Moment. Merchants are able to customize the display and advertisers that are shown to their customers, ensuring a highly personalized experience while maintaining brand consistency.

Here are some key takeaways from the conversation:

  • AI is the future of personalization. By using AI, businesses can offer personalization to customers at scale. Matching the right offer and messaging to the right customer in the transaction moment using machine learning can significantly improve the customer experience and double the profitability of every transaction.
  • Closed marketplaces allow for higher-quality advertisers. Rather than use generic ads and plugins that lack personalization, Rokt’s platform provides exclusive offers from premium brands that aren’t available anywhere else. Shopify merchants are able to choose offers from specific industry verticals without overwhelming their customers. Rokt works with top advertisers such as Domino’s, Yelp, Hulu, and Wayfair.
  • Shopify merchants can instantly add 20-40 cents of revenue to each transaction. Within minutes, merchants can install and tap into a new passive revenue stream. Rokt’s plugin allows businesses to track revenue in real time and provides tools for measuring impressions, engagements, and more to optimize performance.

Download Rokt’s plugin for Shopify here.

To learn more about how Rokt uses first-party data and award-winning AI to provide a personalized ecommerce experience for Shopify business customers, request a demo or contact solutions@rokt.com today.