The power of consent-based marketing

You’ve probably heard the term “permission marketing,” but what exactly does it mean?

According to entrepreneur and author, Seth Godin, permission marketing (also known as consent-based marketing) is the privilege (not the right) of delivering anticipated, personal, and relevant messages to people who actually want them. This is Rokt’s bread and butter.

Rokt is unique in that we fully operate by the principle of consent-based marketing. Consumers have to raise their hand and invite a brand into their lives. At Rokt, we believe consent-based marketing is the only way to do business.

Why does constent-based marketing work so well at Rokt? First off, it helps brands connect with consumers based on three themes:

Relevance: Marketing messages focus on something consumers have expressed interest in

Personalization: Messages relate to individual consumers or actions they took

Anticipation: Consumers look forward to hearing from the brand

Secondly, people on the Rokt network are in a buying mindset. These people are purchasing an item on one of our partners websites and have their credit card out. Consumers in a buying mindset are more likely to be interested in starting a relationship with another brand. It’s your time. Make that connection!

Thirdly, Rokt only charges you for consumers who show an interest in your brand, never for an impression. As a performance-based company, we understand the need to get measurable results from your marketing budget and our platform is built to support this.

“At Rokt, we believe that consent-based marketing is the only way to do business.”

How Rokt Gets Results

What are your goals? Rokt has a variety of solutions. Looking to build out your subscriber base? Rokt can help you position unique marketing messages that encourage consumers to sign up to your database. Want to drive immediate sales, app downloads, or generate survey results? Rokt will put you in a position to talk to consumers and drive them to your site/app to complete a desired action.

By taking this innovative approach, we can enable you to optimize your performance marketing efforts and find valuable customers at the right moment. At Rokt, consent-based marketing is more than just another marketing tactic; it’s an important part of our ideology that we feel makes a substantial difference for our clients.