Reaching your marketing objectives with Rokt

If you’re are involved in the world of affiliate marketing, then chances are you’ve likely heard of terms like CPA, CPL, and CPC. If you are being kept up at night by these acronyms, you’re not alone. Performance marketers around the world define their success of campaigns against these metrics.

Rokt is a pay-per-performance platform. You will only pay for those consumers that click on your ad offer, opt in to sign up to your database, or ask to receive a phone call. Let’s take a deeper dive into the objectives of affiliate marketing and how Rokt defines performance.

CPL (Cost Per Lead): This is an online advertising pricing model in which advertisers offer incentives in exchange for consumers to sign up to their database. This may also extend to acquiring phone leads depending on the region you operate in.

CPC (Cost Per Click): This refers to a measure of how much an advertiser is paying every time a person clicks an online ad with the intention of learning more about an offer.

CPA (Cost Per Action/Cost Per Acquisition): This is an advertising model where  advertisers only pay when they acquire a new customer. Rokt doesn’t work on this pricing structure. However, we do work with many brands to help them back out to a CPA number that helps them achieve specific marketing objectives.

CPM (Cost per Thousand Impressions): This advertising model is based on eyeballs, where you pay for a certain amount per 1000 views. With Rokt, you will never pay for an impression. This is simply added value and an additional exposure for your brand.

Auto-Bidding Model

With Rokt, you set a ceiling bid price that reflects the highest amount you would be willing to pay for a click/sign up. This method means you will bid on an ad placement in 1 cent increments and only need to outbid other brands for that placement.

Scaling With Rokt

It’s important to understand that your exposure and ability to scale with Rokt depends on your position within a competitive marketplace. The Rokt algorithm attributes a “quality score” to each piece of creative within your campaign.

On the Rokt system, your quality score determines your ad rank, or positioning within the system. Quality score is determined by engagement rate (i.e., how engaging your messaging is) and your bid price (how much are you willing to pay against the competition). The better your ad rank (i.e., Position 1, 2) the greater ability you have to achieve scale within the platform and get your ad in front of more consumers.

“It’s important to understand that your exposure and ability to scale with Rokt depends on your position within a competitive marketplace.”

Essentially, the less engaging your ad is, the greater your need will be to raise your bid price to secure a better ad position which allows the ability to aggressively scale the campaign. This is all subject to change on different partner sites.