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Podcasts are a Rokt favorite when it comes to keeping up with the latest industry happenings – whether it’s core to our day-to-day functions, a chance for us to level up in our roles or just an interesting topic to discuss during our meet and eat lunch. We’ve rounded up some of the most interesting and informative podcasts that every marketer, professional and knowledge-hungry person should be plugged into.



The Twenty Minute VC. Harry Stebbings conducts 20-minute interviews with influential individuals in the tech startup community. Notable episodes include Steve Case, founder of AOL and Elad Gil, angel investor. AppleSpotify




Adlandia. If this is already on your radar well, great minds think alike. Adlandia caters to those in marketing 101 as well as seasoned professionals looking for some out-of-the-box thinking. AppleSpotify




Dark Matter. Famed guitarist, Dave Navarro discusses all things music with fellow musicians like Tom Morello. AppleSoundcloud




Masters of Scale. Having founded and scaled some of the biggest tech companies to date (LinkedIn and PayPal, respectively), Reid Hoffman’s list of featured guests reads like a Who’s Who of Silicon Valley heavy weights. With Masters of Scale, Hoffman and his guests offer some of the most impressive organizational insights into how to scale a startup. AppleSpotify




This American Life. A veteran in the podcast game, This American Life takes listeners on an investigative journey into the human condition. Over the years, they have expanded this journalistic venture to some notable programs which include the award-winning podcast, Serial. Having a long history dating back to 1995, This American Life provides a curated list of podcasts for newbies to start off with called, New to This American Life?




SYSK Stuff You Should Know. Have you ever thought about how something really random works? Like how gerrymandering is stifling our democracy or how a search and rescue dog … well searches and rescues? From the writers of HowStuffWorks, get some questions answered on stuff you should definitely know about. AppleSpotify




Master in Business. An acute observer of the volatile finance industry, Bloomberg opinion columnist Barry Ritholtz discusses every factor that affects and shapes markets and businesses. Not for the faint of heart, Ritholtz takes 90-120 minute deep dives with some of the most important figures in finance, setting the standard for business interviews. AppleBloomberg




Industry Standard. Legendary comedy manager and product, Barry Kats delivers in-depth interviews with many of the Hollywood elite who share their stories on the varied paths that led them to some of the most groundbreaking careers. This interview from 2016 with Kevin Hart is an inspiring story of the comedian going from a humble shoe salesman to one of the biggest names in Hollywood. AppleArt19





Hardcore History. Journalist and broadcaster Dan Carlin pitches Twilight Zone-esque takes on various events in history through entertaining storytelling. These pseudo-history lessons spark imagination and alternative thinking to the often underappreciated subject. AppleSpotify