Relevancy in ecommerce: a discussion with Marquee Brands and BWG

Would you click on an offer for a credit card that you already have? Or buy a winter jacket that a website recommends to you in the middle of summer? Nothing is more off-putting than being offered something that isn’t relevant to you.

As ecommerce continues to grow, brands have to keep up with the rising consumer standards and be able to provide personalized and relevant marketing experiences. The challenge is making sure that offers are not only relevant to the individual customer but also fit the customer journey and make sense to the brand.

In a webinar hosted by BWG and Rokt, Ashley Firmstone and Mike Griffin spoke with Kim Burghart of Marquee Brands about how brands can provide more relevant offers and personalized experiences for their customers with Rokt.

Here are the key takeaways from the conversation:

  • Relevancy drives customer loyalty: the transaction moment is the happiest place in the checkout experience – customers are actively engaged and more open to new offers, making this the prime moment for brands to create new connections. Instead of sharing the same generic ad after every transaction, focus on sharing an offer that’s relevant to each customer. When customers see a personalized and highly relevant offer, they feel valued and will continue to engage with a brand that knows what they want.
  • Use data to drive decisions: don’t assume your customer’s needs. Let the market, algorithm and intelligence decide what’s the right offer for each consumer. By observing what customers interact with in a transaction, brands can leverage that knowledge to provide more relevant offers and further personalize their customer’s experience in the future.
  • Choosing the right technology is key: technology is meant to simplify processes and make your job easier. If the technology is too complex and difficult to execute, it’s not the right tool for your business. In the case of Marquee Brands, Rokt’s technology is easy and seamless to work with, provides immediate results, and is an extension of a consultative partnership that is constantly evolving and improving.

To learn more about how Rokt uses first-party data and award-winning machine learning to provide a relevant and personalized ecommerce experience for Shopify business customers, request a demo or contact today.