How can Rokt Calendar drive value for your brand?

By: Stephen Rivera, Strategic Account Manager – (New York)

In our previous post, we walked through how calendar marketing can help make your brand the main event. The calendar has a unique ability to deliver purposeful and authentic communications across mobile lock screens at the most opportune times -all through a tool that is already loaded to 2.8 billion devices worldwide. And with Rokt Calendar at the helm of the calendar marketing ecosystem, you too can start to leverage the power of the calendar as an owned marketing channel.

1. Drive time-based awareness and action. Unlike most other traditional marketing tactics, Rokt Calendar serves as an engagement catalyst, achieving an unmatched level of consumer accessibility and action at key moments in time.

How Rokt Calendar drives value for ticketing sites.

A leading ticketing brand was looking to drive engagement on the event details page of their website - specifically, having consumers add upcoming events of interest to their calendar. A variety of prior marketing initiatives to promote event engagement proved unsuccessful, thwarted by unpredictable execution and user experiences. The company partnered with Rokt to integrate on-page calendar subscription features via natively embedded buttons – an upgrade in both feel and functionality to previous efforts. Whether a transaction was completed or not, consumers were instantly empowered to sync specific events to their personal calendars. The company was, in turn, able to programmatically push customized calendar messaging and ticket purchase alerts across mobile lockscreens, cutting through the type of clutter typically encountered across other channels. Similar to an email drip campaign, the company leveraged Rokt Calendar’s “on the fly” feature which nurtured subscribers through a series of timely calendar notifications in order to drive purchases.

With Rokt Calendar, 16 % of calendar subscribers made a ticket purchase. The ability to place themselves within their consumer’s calendars was an invaluable opportunity to reach target audiences in an innovative and effective way.

2. Communicate smarter on a 1:1 level. As customers continue to become more selective about the marketing communications they receive, it’s vital that the messaging is not just personalized but relevant to each individual. We know customer A is interested in travel because they booked their second trip of the year but at this stage does it make sense to show them an offer to book again?

Rokt Calendar is bolstering our 1:1 marketing capabilities through partnerships with leading CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platforms. With this caliber of integrations in place, data-driven user journeys, enriched audience insights and ROI growth through building audience loyalty around content and events can all be managed from one platform.

How Rokt Calendar drives value for travel brands.

A leading global travel company was looking to enhance their content personalization practices following customer bookings on their site and/or app. The initial goal was to efficiently place the itinerary of the booking into a consumer’s calendar following a purchase. However once Rokt Calendar was integrated with their CRM, the opportunities to dig deeper on a user-level became a no-brainer. Not only was the travel company able to dynamically pass new calendar subscribers (post transaction) from their website directly into their CRM, but also enabled them to manage all marketing channels (email, SMS and now calendaring) from one platform. With Rokt Calendar’s new CRM integrations, the company was able to apply its existing audience segmentation algorithm to its Rokt Calendar subscriber base, deploying personalized customer nurture journeys that were authentic and drove more efficient engagement rates.

3. Amplify your investment. All marketers retain a suite of channels and solutions to execute their communications. Rokt Calendar can help amplify the investments you have already made.

How Rokt Calendar drives value for sports leagues.

A major US sports league’s 2018 objectives included diversifying their distributed content outside of games while also identifying ways to increase app downloads. They had already invested heavily in a broad mix of paid media initiatives and were limited on budgets for emerging technologies like Rokt Calendar.

With customer obsession sitting at the core of our business motivations, we looked for ways to accomplish both of their goals in a cost-effective manner. The first measure we implemented was to reorganize and diversify their content for new and current subscribers. We refined the content offering by creating segments that would appeal to their fans which included schedules, news, injury reports and game recaps. Subscribers could then choose the categories they were most interested in following. We turned our focus to increasing app downloads and executed in in two ways: (1) calling attention to the app by establishing a strong CTA in every calendar event along with an attractive offer viewable in the event details and (2) ensuring all app-download links were trackable to deliver insightful reports of our findings to include attribution sources. The company further complimented the reach of these two initiatives with paid efforts which were a core part of their marketing strategy.

Brands are discovering the value of the calendar to be more than just a tool to house events but also a dynamic content hub. And with billions of consumers already using their calendars on a daily basis, the potential to deploy a new global audience network. If your goal is to drive real-time and loyal consumer engagement, there are few things more powerful than a timely calendar notification.