Views on our Values: Rokt is OBSESSED… with our customers

By: Rob Lynch, Sales Development Manager (New York)

We recently unveiled the four core values that shape Rokt and help to build out our ever-growing organization. Each value is an integral part of our day-to-day responsibilities, allowing us to humbly compete in the marketplace while also securing and retaining the best clients. Which brings us to our first core value: Customer Obsessed.

What does it mean to be Customer Obsessed? To put it simply: we care. First, second and third-most, we care. We view our client’s success as our own success and we always do what’s right by the customer. Fourth and fifth-most, we are action biased and in it to play the long game. We believe that the best way for all of us to be successful is to develop a strong strategy, execute with convincation and not to cut any corners — we don’t rest on what’s simple and comfortable. Customer Obsessed is a foundational value at Rokt and critical to our Rokt’star identity.

We care. We walk in our clients’ shoes and pursue success with passion. Every move we make is focused on providing the best experience for our customer (and our customer’s customer). Though just 170 people strong, we have strategically placed client service teams in each of our core global markets to provide the best Rokt experience for all of our clients and partners. With a complex suite of products, we want to be as close to our customers as possible. This way, they know that we’re here for them and we’re always willing to support them.

Action biased. We are clear on what we want and have a plan to get there. As the Rokt team has grown, we have re-aligned all of our client-facing teams around particular verticals and industries. Our Industry Vertical“Pod” alignment has allowed us to focus exclusively on a particular industry and subset of clients – leveraging industry-specific know-how and insights to best advise clients on their marketing campaigns. We have seen outstanding results such as with our Priceline account manager diving deep into the ins and outs of the travel industry and drilling further down to the OTA space (a.k.a Online Travel Aggregator – yes, that’s a thing).

“What does it mean to be Customer Obsessed? To put it simply: we care.”

Play the long game. We always do what’s right by the customer and patiently wait to see the pay back over time. We accomplish this through our “Crawl, Walk, Run” approach when onboarding new customers. Our client services team works to craft achievable objectives and KPIs for our clients in order to set their campaigns up for success. We always put our customer’s interest first because if we haven’t already said it enough already, their success is our success. We want our customers and partners to enjoy the ride with us (spoiler alert – another Rokt value) and they will only be along for the long haul if we have their best interests in mind from the start.

I strive to exemplify the Customer Obsessed value any chance I get. Being an enthusiastic fantasy sports aficionado, I found one of many opportunities with our clients at FanDuel. I added my insights on the intricacies of fantasy sports and gaming while building out their QBR and even sat in on some meetings to provide additional support. They were incredibly impressed with our “all-hands” approach which ultimately helped to lead to a budding relationship through the upcoming sports season.

We truly believe that the combination of our talented team, a world-class product and a Customer-Obsessed mindset, is the only way for a company to have any chance at success.

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