Rokt Named One of BuiltIn NYC’s Best Places to Work

At Rokt, we pride ourselves on our work culture and environment. Every day, we hear from Rokt’stars about how excited they are to come to work each morning. And while that is the best feedback we can ask for, we’re extremely proud to be named to Built in NYC’s Annual Best Places to Work list

Built in NYC is an online community for local startups and tech companies and creates its Best Places to Work list based on data submitted by companies and their employees.

Rokt works to ensure that every employee understands and embodies our core values and strives to create a work environment that not only ensures company and customer success, but sets all our Rokt’stars up for success. We are a company that values and invests in our individuals on both a personal and professional level. Everyone has the opportunity to make an impact everyday. 

The Rokt values value are an integral part of our day-to-day responsibilities. As Rokt’stars, we are: 

Smart with Humility – We’re defining a work ethic that leaves ego at the door and supports a collaborative team with opportunities to grow. We encourage employees to talk to people on different teams and gain exposure to work that is happening across the entire company.  

Customer Obsessed –  We love our customers and we work hard to highlight the amazing work we’re doing with them. This obsession is not only something we declare from the rooftops, it’s also something we encourage internally. We regularly share successes and lessons learned across the full Rokt team to ensure that customer satisfaction is our guiding light.  

Conquer New Frontiers – We’re building a team of curious explorers who are looking for better ways to tackle challenges. We want employees who question the status quo and create innovative approaches to the way we’re doing work. Idea sharing is greatly encouraged. 

Enjoy the Ride – We don’t limit collaboration and innovation to our work. We aim to empower employees to connect outside of the office and prioritize hobbies and activities. We know that employees do their best work when they are able to stretch their creative muscles beyond their everyday tasks.  

If what we’re creating inspires you, we want to meet you – check out our careers page here to learn more about the benefits and perks that make Rokt one of NY’s best places to work.