Rokt Partners With LiveRamp

Rokt is proud to announce our partnership with LiveRamp. With LiveRamp as the industry standard in identity resolution, this partnership offers Rokt clients another option to securely pass audience data and activate first-party audiences.

With the Rokt-LiveRamp partnership, you can:

On-board 1st Party Audiences

Incorporate your consented customer information into your critical marketing strategies.

ImAudience Suppression

Optimize user targeting by suppressing your existing customers, low performing customers or previous under performing cohorts.

Lookalike Audiences

Leverage your best performing customers to find new customers with similar attributes.

Data Enrichment

Better understand your customers by enhancing audience data you already have to make more intelligent decisions 

1:1 Personalization

Use available data to personalize the experience on a 1:1 level based on de-identified attributes, increasing relevance and engagement in a privacy-first manner

This partnership creates greater flexibility for you to utilize more of your first-party data. Seamlessly onboard your data in three easy steps:

1. Securely send your marketing data to LiveRamp.
2. LiveRamp translates your data.
3. LiveRamp transfers data into Rokt network.

Brands already integrated with LiveRamp can search for ‘Rokt’ via their LiveRamp dashboard and begin to securely leverage first-party data across the Rokt marketplace.