Rokt Rewind with Holly Aresty

By Rokt

In honor of Rokt’s 10-year anniversary this year, we’re taking a moment to reflect on all our milestones and accomplishments from the past decade. Rokt Rewind features the voices of Rokt’stars who have been part of the Rokt journey since the very beginning. Read on to hear their story and thoughts on Rokt’s past, present, and future.

Meet Holly

As Deputy Chief Commercial Officer, Holly leads and executes the strategy for Rokt’s global account management teams. Holly started her career at Rokt as a Commercial Director in 2016, based in the Los Angeles office. Holly subsequently led the account team for Rokt’s global Ticketing clients before moving into SVP of Customer Success, and then Deputy Chief Commercial Officer. Prior to joining Rokt, Holly spent her career in the fast-paced startup world of early-stage tech businesses in Los Angeles. Don’t let the American accent fool you, Holly was actually born in Sydney and has dual Australian-American citizenship – a true Rokt’star in her roots and her leadership.

Reflecting on Rokt

What do you like most about working at Rokt?

I think the best thing about Rokt is that we take work seriously but we don’t take ourselves seriously. In every team meeting or 1:1 we spend the first few minutes laughing and sharing stories. It’s so important that we connect with each other on a human level, but also I think a real bonus is that we genuinely enjoy being together. It’s a very special group of people we get to work with, and we recognize and appreciate that.

What are some of the key changes you’ve seen since you started working at Rokt 6 years ago?

The momentum of new business deals has been truly incredible. It used to take us two years to close a big Ecommerce client and recently a few deals have closed in as short as two weeks! We’re averaging closer to a few months, but that continues to get shorter and shorter without compromising on brand quality or opportunity size – both of which are also increasing.

What’s your favorite memory from your time at Rokt?

I think the very first GKO in Port Stephens NSW (in 2017) was pretty special. We took over an entire hotel right on the water in this picturesque port town and it was the first time it felt like Rokt had officially outgrown its scrappy startup status. Everything – from the branding of the event, to the content, to the first Beetroot Carpet Awards – was masterfully executed. Everyone felt like we were all a part of something really special.

What is your favorite Rokt tradition? (GKO, TGIF, Wellness Week, etc.)

This might be more of a principle than a tradition, but I think our focus on being “better together” is something that drives a lot of the traditions that I really value at Rokt. It’s why we bring every office together for GKO, why we were an early adopter of a hybrid working model, and why we have centralized certain functions like Customer Success that have accelerated learning and growth. Working on an island might be great for someone 30+ years into their career, but for everyone else there is such a huge benefit from simply being around other people that can’t be replicated in a remote environment. And we need those veterans to learn from!

What Rokt value do you most identify with?

Smart with Humility is the one value that when it was announced I really genuinely connected with. It’s that x-factor that Rokt has always had but was hard to articulate. I think Smart with Humility perfectly encapsulates the culture here that I love so much.

What are you looking forward to in the next three to five years at Rokt?

I’m really looking forward to seeing the team grow and develop. We have so many rising stars, and to see them build out their empires and take on new departments and challenges will be very exciting. Also the strength and capability of the product continues to amaze me – I can’t even imagine what it will be able to do in five years!

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