Rokt your workflow in a Zap!

Having a developer team on hand to create APIs between apps is not a luxury that every company. Luckily, Zapier has all of us covered. For those who haven’t been clued in yet, Zapier is a workflow automation tool that allows you to connect two apps together so that an activity in one app will automatically trigger another activity in your second app. For example, if you use a project management tool like Trello, you can create a trigger or ‘zap’ so that any time you create a Trello card, an invite will automatically populate on your calendar. Our inner Type A is shrieking for joy too.

Rokt recently partnered with Zapier to allow our clients to simplify two key workflows:

1. Referral delivery – exporting referrals collected on the Rokt platform to you CRM.

2. Custom audience import – utilize the contacts you already have to create a suppression list, target list, etc for your Rokt campaign.

We have zap templates with five popular CRM’s:

Eager to get started? Check out our Help Center article on how to implement your integrations. With Zapier, there is no shortage of ways you can zap your workflow into shape!