Rokt’s prime placement drives 2X performance for advertisers

Rokt has updated its widgets and opened up a new placement to drive better results for our advertisers. Notably early results are showing 2X improvement in the level of advertising performance.

As part of these changes, we’ve opened the door for advertisers to create ad campaigns in the first message location in the widget. This new placement type, called Prime Placement, now gives advertisers access to the slot with the highest impression and engagement value in our network.

With Prime Placement, we see the potential for a 100% boost in campaign performance, a greater share of voice, as well as a stronger brand impact.


Fewer Steps to Engagement; Better Experience

Beyond Prime Placement, Rokt has made other technological improvements that will benefit advertisers.

We’re improving customer engagement by providing a better user experience with our new Rokt Super Widget. As a result of the changes to the widget, we minimized the number of low-performing messages served to each consumer. Most of our customers will only see three steps versus six or seven in the old Rokt widget. This means we’re showing fewer messages to customers, allowing for a more relevant and engaging experience.

We’ve also added new sophistication to the Rokt algorithms to provide an even better user experience. For example, the Rokt Recognizer and new tag, core parts of the Rokt Super Widget, shorten the average engagement time and effort it takes for a customer to engage with Rokt from two minutes to just 20 seconds—that’s a 6X reduction.

These enhancements grew out of our analysis of more than 1 billion transactions and thousands of hours of development and testing.

“With Prime Placement, we see the potential for a 100% boost in campaign performance, a greater share of voice, as well as a stronger brand impact.”

More Platform Functionality

That’s not all. We’ve also upgraded the Rokt platform itself. Such improvements include new campaign types, such as a Prime Campaign, which drive high impressions and engagement, and a new Hybrid Campaign Type that combine traffic and email campaigns.

We also released a new Rokt tag, which collects data and tracks and serves the widget. This new version delivers asynchronization for more accurate, automatic customer recognition, new security features, along with more structured data elements to improve relevancy.

These improvements reflect lots of hard work by many Roktstars. It also reinforces our commitment to continue to bring better results to our Rokt advertisers. If you have questions about any of these enhancements, please feel free to contact your Rokt Account Team or send an email to