Rokt’star Spotlight: Li Zhao

As Rokt sets out to unleash its best year yet, we’re taking a moment to highlight some of the Rokt’stars that help their teams thrive by challenging the status quo and working in different ways. Read on to hear about their time at Rokt and what makes them tick both in and out of the office.

Meet Li 

You recently started a new employee resource group (ERG), Asian’stars. What was your inspiration for this?

Asian’stars was created because I wanted to create a community where AAPI individuals could feel a sense of belonging. I wanted to highlight individuals who may not have the loudest voice in the room, but they are making significant contributions, and this ERG was a way we could ensure they are seen and heard. 

What are some of the goals you have for Asian’stars?

Our overarching goal is to create a more culturally inclusive environment so all AAPI Rokt’stars feel confident and comfortable in their own skin at our offices around the world. We’re aiming to do this by highlighting more AAPI individuals’ accomplishments, organizing cultural events, and even a mentorship program so that people growing in their careers can learn from someone who looks like them. 

Tell us more about your role at Rokt and how your work impacts the Rokt products. 

I’m on the Customer Success team on some key accounts. My team’s main priority is ensuring that clients are seeing success with the adoption of Rokt. By working closely with our clients, we’re able to share feedback internally to help shape our product capabilities.

What are some of your hobbies or passions outside of the office? How do you spend your free time?

I love staying active, so I run quite a bit and play tennis. Recently, I was scuba certified in Miami, so I enjoy scuba diving as well!

How is Rokt different from other places you’ve worked?

Something that stands out is the celebration of individuality. There’s a culture that makes you feel valued and it’s very inclusive. 

What’s your favorite memory from your time at Rokt?

Definitely the Asian’stars kickoff! It was so heartwarming to see people coming together and taking time out of their busy schedules to be a part of this. We also had both AAPI Rokt’stars and non AAPI Rokt’stars and it was amazing to see the broad range of support across the company to join the conversation. At the kickoff, we held a discussion on our goals, a brainstorm for upcoming events and concluded with an AAPI-themed movie night to amplify the voices of AAPI creators. 

What Rokt core value do you most identify with?

“Force for good”, especially as we are continuing to work on living out Asian’stars mission, this ERG ties into it very well and this is a value that not all companies put an emphasis on which is different about Rokt. 

Want to learn more about Rokt’s employee resource groups? Check out our diversity and community page here.