Rokt’star spotlight: Zach Presswood & Rokt’s Green Team

By Rokt

April 22 is Earth Day, a time to demonstrate support for environmental protection. At Rokt, our Green Team, a core group of employees have been instrumental in educating and creating positive environmental change within Rokt. Together, they meet to discuss, plan, and implement eco-friendly projects both internally at Rokt and externally around our community. 

Zach Presswood, one of our Account Directors, is the co-founder of Rokt’s Green Team with Lou Watson, one of our Accounting Managers. 

We sat down with Zach to discuss the Green Team initiatives and how we can all celebrate Earth Day and take steps to care for our planet.  

What is Rokt’s Green Team?

Formed in 2019, Green Team’s mission is to have a restorative impact on the surrounding environment and our Rokt’star staff by implementing education and awareness initiatives, developing and operating Rokt offices to conserve resources, reducing pollution, and enhancing personal well-being.

What inspired the foundation of  Rokt’s Green Team? 

Let’s set the scene: It’s 2019. Rokt’stars are looking forward to an exciting GKO in Thailand coming up, and there’s nary a mask in sight. Work in Rokt’s NYC office continues at its typical breakneck pace. But what’s this?!

Sitting on every desk…piled at every corner…overflowing from every container…LA CROIX CANS. CANS sprouting from desks like aluminum tulips. CANS blowing across countertops like tumbleweeds. CAN you guess how inspiration struck?

What began as a desire to secure bigger recycling bins to address this issue blossomed into an overall effort to balance Rokt’s amazing benefits with respect for our environment.

How has the Rokt Green Team worked to shape Rokt’s practices and shaped them to be more environmentally friendly? 

The Green Team has been passionate about “balancing the scales” for many of Rokt’s exciting initiatives so we can enjoy them knowing the environment is benefitting too. This has manifested as initiatives like offsetting the carbon from flights to company retreats and ensuring our new office can accommodate recycling.

Photo from 2019 when Rokt’s Green Team organized our participation in NYC’s #ClimateStrike  

What’s something we can do during Earth Day, or incorporate into our routines to be more environmentally conscious?  

Support initiatives for corporate green consciousness, be aware of the packaging impact of the foods and products you buy and spend a moment or two appreciating the natural glory of our home in NY (or wherever you live!)