Seizing the moment: <br>Emotional intelligence in digital marketing

By Jude Blankfield, Marketing Specialist (New York)

At Rokt, we want to help you harness the power of the Transaction Moment. Understanding how, when, and where consumers are most likely to be engaged is key to digital marketing success. Which is why we’re fascinated with consumer behavior. And why we wanted to take a deeper look into the mix of emotions associated with different digital activities such as shopping, social and search. Within these activities, we wanted to understand – when are consumers their happiest? What activities have their undivided attention? When are they their most engaged?

We recently launched a global research report, The happiest place in digital marketing, where we spoke to over 4,000 global consumers to find out how they really feel online and the moments where they feel the happiest. The good news is that now we know when consumers are the most likely to engage and how you can make the most of that golden opportunity.

“Consumers are their happiest and most engaged at the moment of purchase.”

Throughout the study, three resounding truths became clear:

1) Consumers are their happiest and most engaged at the moment of purchase.

2) Consumers are less likely to be distracted or multitasking when making a purchase.

3) And the positive emotions are cumulative as a consumer moves through the research and completion stages, in to the confirmation stage.

With the most common emotions related to shopping online being happy, excited, and relaxed, there really is no other online activity that compares. Add to that the knowledge that more than 4x as many people feel frustrated when using social media than shopping, and 50% more people cite anxiety as a common feeling when on social platforms than when completing a purchase, the opportunity to capture consumers at the Transaction Moment is golden.

The positive emotions associated with online shopping put consumers into the perfect mindset, when engagement, interest, and purchase intent are at their highest – presenting the ideal moment for your brand to be introduced.

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