Start Up Rokt Taps Growth in <br>E-Commerce

“The digital marketing company backed by former Carsales chief Greg Roebuck, Lachlan Murdoch and the Paul Bassat and James Packer-bankrolled Square Peg Capital is expanding the reach of its technology to allow its clients to personalise their customers’ experiences throughout e-commerce transactions.

Rokt, which has patented technology that connects advertisers through partners’ websites to new digital online and mobile consumers, is for the first time allowing its clients to engage directly with their customers in real time throughout the entire transaction process.

Using data such as past purchases, event types and demographics, Rokt’s algorithms allow advertisers to tailor the most relevant message for each individual user of their partner’s websites.

The first full pilot of the product, known as Rokt Commerce, has been launched with Ticketmaster in the US.

“This is the first time we have done full transaction optimisation. It means that the value we can deliver for an e-commerce company increases enormously,’’ said Rokt chief executive Bruce Buchanan.

“At the moment we can drive a 20 per cent improvement in profitability for the client. With this we can drive a 100 per cent improvement. The ability for us to deploy rapidly through a client’s whole ecosystem accelerates.” ”

Excerpt from The Australian by Damon Kitney, Victorian Business Editor – 9th January 2019

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