Strategies for Relevant Ecommerce Experiences Beyond Personalization

By By Rokt

A mobile phone screen closeup with a confirmation page and an overlay of a relevant ROkt ad offer.

Personalization has been a go-to solution for some time, but it comes with certain limitations. Some limitations include the lack of consideration of broader context, the potential for incorrect or outdated data leading to irrelevant personalization, and privacy concerns. Customers can easily feel confined or even trapped in their own personalized bubble, which can ultimately turn them away from your brand. By incorporating relevancy, you can break through those limitations and provide a truly customer-centric ecommerce experience.

So how can ecommerce businesses provide relevancy beyond personalization? Here are some strategies that can help engage your audience and drive conversions:

Cater to the broader context: Personalization works by tailoring content and recommendations to an individual’s specific interests, but it often ignores the broader context of the customer’s current situation. Consider the customer’s current location, time of day, and what they’re currently doing. By delivering relevant content that caters to their current context, you can provide a much more engaging experience.

Use predictive analytics: By analyzing a customer’s past behavior, ecommerce businesses can make educated guesses about their preferences and needs. This can lead to personalized, yet relevant offers  and product suggestions.

Focus on intent: Instead of solely relying on customer behavior data, look at their intent. What are they searching for? What keywords are they using? This can help you provide relevant content, offers, and messages  that align with their current goals.

Focus on customer journey optimization: The customer journey is more than just a linear path from discovery to purchase. It’s a complex process that involves multiple touch points and interactions and is often self guided. Focus on optimizing each touchpoint to ensure that your customers are engaged and motivated to move to the next step.

Incorporating relevancy into your ecommerce strategy is paramount to providing a truly customer-centric experience. By breaking through the limitations of personalization, you can engage your audience and drive conversions. But relevancy isn’t just about tailoring content to an individual’s interests. It’s about understanding the broader context of the customer’s current situation, predicting their needs, and focusing on their intent. By optimizing the customer journey and delivering relevant content, offers, and messages at each touchpoint, you can create a seamless and satisfying experience for your customers. So don’t limit yourself to personalization – embrace relevancy and take your ecommerce strategy to the next level.

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