Rokt’s enhancements drive e-commerce revenue growth by 2X

Rokt recently implemented a series of enhancements to our technology stack that will yield better results for ecommerce operators; most notably a 2X improvement in revenue growth.

In fact, we’re already seeing evidence of our objective to reach a 2X boost in revenue performance. For example, a partner that operates a low-cost airline in the U.S. reported a  200% increase in revenue generation on mobile and a 100% rise on desktop. A number of our ticketing partners are reporting consequential performance gains as well.

Fewer Low Engagement Modules

To drive revenue, we sought to raise the level of customer engagement by providing a better user experience. To achieve this, Rokt developed the new Rokt Super Widget. It is the tip of the iceberg of a host of things that offer the very best native experience for customers on an e-commerce site.

Central to the Rokt Super Widget is the Rokt tag and Rokt Recognizer. Also harnessing the power of more sophisticated Rokt algorithms, this mechanism dramatically shortens the time and effort for a customer to accept an offer from a Rokt widget. For instance, it shrinks the time from two minutes to just 20 seconds —a 6X reduction.

We now serve half the number of messages to a user, we don’t ask them for information, and achieve up to 2X the revenue—the key is smarter tools.

These enhancements grew out of our analysis of more than 1 billion transactions and thousands of hours of development and testing.

“To drive revenue, we sought to raise the level of customer engagement by providing a better user experience.”

Prime Placement

Beyond the Rokt Super Widget, we’ve added a new placement type, called Prime Placement. It gives partners the opportunity to monetize ads in this spot. Marketers are excited about this offering because it will drive greater campaign performance through higher impressions and engagement. As a result, this will help to grow the value of the Rokt network for our partners.

More Platform Functionality

We’ve also improved the Rokt platform itself by adding new campaign types, such as a Prime Campaign, which drives high impressions and engagement, and a new Hybrid Campaign Type that combines traffic and email campaigns.

In addition, we released a new Rokt tag, which collects data and tracks and serves the widget. This new version delivers asynchronization for more accurate, automatic customer recognition, and more structured data elements to improve relevancy.

These improvements reflect the hard work by many Roktstars and the support of our partners around the globe. It also shows our commitment to continue to bring more value to all our Rokt partnerships. If you have questions about any of these enhancements, please feel free to contact your Rokt Partner Team or send an email to