Unlock new opportunities with Rokt Ecommerce

By Rokt

A highly competitive ecommerce market in combination with the pandemic-induced online shopping boom means harnessing the potential of your online business is more important than ever. 

Good ecommerce moves customers through the funnel — to search, consider, decide and, eventually, buy. But what if we said there are additional opportunities hidden within the ecommerce engine you’ve worked so hard to build?

Rokt Ecommerce allows brands to unlock new opportunities across each Transaction Moment, driving more value for both businesses and their customers. Rokt applies data science to instantly understand each individual consumer, and then recommends the next best action based on business objectives and that customers likelihood to engage.

The power of Rokt Ecommerce can be leveraged to drive all kinds of results. When Fanatics, the global leader in licensed sports merchandise, wanted to unlock new opportunities on their confirmation page, Rokt Ecommerce drove 100% of incremental revenue on their confirmation pages and resulted in a 470% increase in annual revenue. A global online travel industry harnessed Rokt Ecommerce to drive a 218% increase in app installs by focusing on relevancy and user experience. There is a reason 95% of our Rokt Ecommerce partners are clients for life. 

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