Rokt Calendar: Win With Email Marketing

Email marketing is a highly effective and low cost way of communicating to your audience and has a higher ROI than social media and other forms of digital engagement.

While email marketing is an effective tool for inbox engagement, this strategy falls short when marketers are required to notify users in real-time based on a specific schedule.

For example, if you wanted to remind your audience to watch an event at 8pm on Sunday night on television, sending them an email at 7:50pm would be relatively ineffective as there are no guarantees that everyone will open and read the email before the 8pm airing.

Sending an email before every episode would be considered spam and unsubscribe rates would skyrocket, therefore driving audiences to engage on a certain date, in real-time requires a real-time notification mechanic, which is where calendar reminders come in.

Rokt Calendar + Email Marketing = Success
Successful Rokt Calendar clients are using email marketing in combination with Rokt Calendar as a tool to grow their calendar subscribers, ensuring fans are notified minutes before their content begins, directly through their native smartphone calendars.

Check out the example below by Hulu, driving fans to calendar pages where they can sync their digital calendar with the schedules of their favorite shows.

Highly leveraged marketing tool, high Return on Investment
The example above is simple, yet powerful as they drive all click-throughs to a Rokt Calendar page. When a fan signs up to receive reminders, they don’t just receive a calendar reminder for the next episode, they’ll receive reminders throughout the entire season. This is a highly leveraged marketing strategy since a single ‘Add-to-calendar’ engagement ensures that fans receive reminders for every episode of their favorite show.

By combining email marketing with calendar marketing, you can drive real-time audience activity without spamming the users and flooding their inbox. You can also remotely add new events into fan calendars via the Rokt Calendar dashboard.

Email to calendar conversion rates
Across a large cohort of clients, email marketing tends to be the highest converting channel for calendar promotion with over 35%* of email click throughs resulting in a calendar subscribe taking place. Given that a single subscribe results in multiple real-time event reminders, converting email audiences into calendar subscribers is a powerful strategy.

Unsubscribe rates, 6x lower than email
Inside every calendar reminder is an unsubscribe link that users can click to remove all future reminders from their calendar. In reality, it rarely gets clicked. The unsubscribe rates of calendar reminders are under 0.5%*. With the industry average for email being around 3%, unsubscribe rates for calendar reminders are 6 x lower.

By combining email marketing with Rokt Calendar, you can convert 35% of your email opens into calendar subscribers for every event during the season. Calendar reminders allow you to notify your audience in real-time, more frequently than you would via email, with a lower unsubscribe rate than email… Now that’s a winning formula! 

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*Based on results of similar Rokt Calendar partners