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MyDeal drives a 30% install rate in app install campaign with Rokt

MyDeal drives a 30% install rate in app install campaign with Rokt
  • 26%

    engagement rate

  • 34%

    app install rate

  • $0.87

    cost per install

The challenge

MyDeal, a leading online retail marketplace in Australia, was looking to grow the user base of its new app. It ran an app install campaign via an embedded banner on the confirmation page, but experienced low engagement due to the static nature of the ad.

It needed an innovative solution that would intelligently drive higher engagement and more downloads for its app.

The plan

  • Launch app install campaign in an overlay placement, powered alongside its existing embedded banner on the confirmation page
  • Offer 10,000 free referrals for a month to prove the value of Rokt, with an interest to ramp quickly to take advantage of Q4 transaction spikes
  • Integrate both Web and iOS/Android SDKs to track purchases, while using Appsflyer to track app installs

The solution

MyDeal launched an overlay placement across 100% of desktop and mobile web traffic on its confirmation page, incorporating an app install campaign as one of the offers displayed.

For the other offers in the placement, Rokt’s machine learning selected the most relevant offers from premium advertisers for each customer, displaying it alongside the app install campaign.

The results

In just 4 months, MyDeal’s app install campaign with Rokt became a quick success. It achieved an app install rate of 30%, with a low cost per install for the partner at just $0.84. With an average engagement rate of 26% across both desktop and mobile devices, it was clear that many customers were engaging with the app install campaign on the Rokt placement.

Rokt was also able to quickly prove its initial value, allowing MyDeal to reach 10,000 referrals in just 7 days.

Next steps

Moving forward, MyDeal is looking to add more placements and expand its current one into additional pages on its site. It will continue to work with Rokt to drive even more app installs going into the new year.

Additionally, it plans to further leverage Rokt’s technology to optimize to its customers’ lifetime value, in an effort to specifically identify and target higher valued customers.

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