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Cinemark utilizes Rokt’s solutions to drive incremental revenue and acquire new customers

Cinemark utilizes Rokt’s solutions to drive incremental revenue and acquire new customers
  • 16.02%

    customer conversion on Cinemark gift card offer

  • 12.24%

    positive engagement with third-party offer placements


Cinemark is one of the largest and most influential theatrical exhibition companies in the world, offering moviegoers extraordinary guest experiences from initial ticket purchase to the closing credits.

Looking to tap into a unique growth opportunity, Cinemark partnered with Rokt, leveraging Rokt’s advanced machine learning to generate incremental revenue while also providing more value to their customers.

Since launching the partnership in 2022, Cinemark has expanded their use of Rokt’s solutions to power additional initiatives and achieve key business objectives.

Cinemark leveraged Rokt to:

  • Reward customers with exclusive offers from leading brands on the order confirmation page – with offers personalized for each customer
  • Acquire new Movie Club subscribers by delivering viewable and native ads to customers on the confirmation pages of premium ecommerce sites
  • Drive customer engagement and increase value per transaction through the promotion of strategic first-party offers, like the Cinemark gift card

Key Results

Cinemark has been able to open up a new revenue stream by utilizing Rokt Ecommerce to deliver first and third-party offers to customers post-purchase. Because Rokt’s advanced machine learning ensures offer relevancy for each individual customer, Cinemark is able to unlock additional revenue and customer value without disrupting the customer experience.

After seeing the success they were driving for advertisers as a Rokt Ecommerce partner, Cinemark was keen to leverage Rokt Ads to attract paid subscribers to their Movie Club loyalty program. With Rokt Ads, Cinemark discovered an exclusive customer acquisition channel, wherein they were able to target and reach highly-qualified audiences on the confirmation pages of leading ecommerce sites with a compelling Movie Club offer.

Moving forward

Moving forward, Cinemark is excited to pursue additional opportunities to test and innovate with Rokt, and plans to experiment with new applications of Rokt’s technology.

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